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The ATD (Acting All for Dignity) Fourth World Movement is a movement of action (act), of gathering (all) for the recognition of the equal dignity of all people. This Movement for the defense of human rights takes human rights through the lens of extreme poverty because people in extreme poverty are among those who have many rights denied. The dynamics of gathering people is important for the Movement and it is necessary that as many people as possible join this flow for the eradication of poverty. The Movement is based on the principle of doing with, of co-construction, and not of doing for. Among the projects and actions carried out within the Movement: The Youth Dynamic acts with young people from 18 to 30 in situations of extreme poverty. The actions carried out seek to ensure that young people become actors in their lives and in society. The project "Osons les Savoirs d'Expérience de l'Exclusion" (OSEE) proposes a pre-qualifying training in the social and animation sectors. The aim is to recognize the knowledge of experience of exclusion and commitment acquired by people living in poverty in order to make it a value for professionalisation.

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